Silverstone Arena Circuit, England, United Kingdom

Silverstone Circuits Ltd,
NN12 8TN
England, United Kingdom England, United Kingdom

Circuit Information
Type: Permanent road course
Length: 2.249 Miles / 3.619 km
Corners: 13

Contact Information
Phone: 1327857271
Fax: 132757663

Circuit Description
Home of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone has been on the receiving end of some rather unfair criticism recently but that doesn't change the fact that it is a great circuit and a must drive. The Grand Prix circuit in particular cannot be matched in terms of scale by any other UK track.The basic shape of the old circuit is still visible but there are many new squiggles on the map. Some would say that its high-speed appeal has been lost, but in its place is a circuit of variety and depth, and one that will test you and your car like no other. Undoubtedly some section are a bit fiddly even in a road car but there are opportunities to build up a real rythym. The run from Woodcote though Copse, Maggots, Becketts, Chapel and the Hangar Straight to Stowe is a real blast. The Luffield Complex is rather irritating but it will teach you a bit about oversteer and understeer.

Silverstone Arena
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