Brands Hatch Circuit, England, United Kingdom

Brands Hatch,
England, United Kingdom England, United Kingdom

Circuit Information
Type: Permanent road course
Length: 2.6002 miles / 4.186 km
Corners: 12

Contact Information
Phone: 1474872331
Fax: 1474874766

Circuit Description
Set in an almost amphitheatre setting, Brands Hatch literally oozes atmosphere. There is nothing else like the Grand Prix loop in the country.Spearing off through the dense, ancient woodland the GP circuit combines dramatic drops with flat-out straights, fast corners and a chicane that can be taken with all four wheels off the ground.To drive it in anything is an experience but you can\'t help wondering what it must have been like dropping a Formula One car off Paddock Hill bend, in the middle of the turbo era, with 1200bhp\'s worth of qualifying grunt.Sadly those days are long gone but it doesn\'t stop you from treading the path of your GP heroes. To drive the full circuit is a rare treat. Indeed not many people actually get to race on it anymore with just a couple of meeting a year bestowed with that honour.

Brands Hatch
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